Our goal is to create a tour experience unlike any other, showcasing the beauty and wonder of the Louisiana wetlands, as well as the catastrophic man-made damage that is ravaging the Louisiana landscape.

Tours typically begin in New Orleans with an educational session about environmental issues affecting coastal Louisiana. Afterwards kayakers caravan to the closest remaining cypress tupelo swamp 45 minutes west of the city.  Motorboat tours are in the marshlands southwest of the city. Advance scheduling is recommended for both, especially motor boat tours.

Our tours are great for journalists, scientists, nature enthusiasts, and other people interested in learning about the environment. We are an ecologically-responsible company and don’t feed wildlife.

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Heart of Louisiana: Lost Lands

by Dave McNamara, 3 November 2017

Most of the cypress giants are gone, but the huge stumps give you an idea of what this area was like before the largest trees were cut for timber.

“I hope that people just see how beautiful and powerful it is,” said Chris Staudinger.

Staudinger leads group of kayakers through the Maurepas Wildlife Management Area about 25 miles west of New Orleans. “Whether it’s the animals or the birds or the eagles nest or whatever, that this place is a very powerful place,” he said.

But before anyone gets near a boat, there is an hour-long briefing on the challenges facing Louisiana’s wetlands.

“How many of you know that right now you’re sitting on the fastest sinking large coastal landscape on the planet?” asked Bob Marshall.

Marshall is an outdoor writer and Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist who has covered environmental issues. “So when you put a levee on a wetland, the protected side is eventually going to subside,” he said.

Marshall’s wife, Marie Gould, operates Lost Lands Environmental Tours.

“You understand it a lot better when you see it, so I just wanted to provide a place where people could go to actually learn it and see it and understand how it works,” Gould said.

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