Kayak New Orleans Wetlands

kayak tour

"Good swamp tours are available within an hour of the city. But the new Lost Lands Environmental Tours gives a close-up of the disappearing wetlands that’s well worth the price; tours begin at $90 a person."

Although vast areas of South Louisiana cypress and tupelo forests were eliminated by loggers and real estate developers, outdoors enthusiasts can go back in time, paddling kayaks through some of the few remaining forested swamps in the Maurepas Swamp Wildlife Management Area about 40 minutes outside the city.

Participants learn about the cypress, tupelo, and oak-forested swamps that were in the city before it was drained to develop newer New Orleans neighborhoods—the same neighborhoods that received most of Hurricane Katrina’s floodwaters due to lower elevations caused by draining swamp land. They will also see very clearly why the native forests that once stood between New Orleans and the Gulf of Mexico provided the absolute best hurricane protection for communities in South Louisiana.

Want to know more?  Click here for an article by NolaVie editor Renee Peck about her experience taking a Lost Lands kayak tour.


$100 per person (for 2 people)

$ 90 per person (for 3 people or more)