Educational Field Trips

"What was amazing about this trip was the staff! They are all very knowledgable about Gulf coast erosion and environmental issues as well as the political discussion surrounding this issue."


Lost Lands provides educational field trips tailored to your group’s interests. With a menu of programming and activities to chose from, we can accommodate groups from 7th grade through Graduate School. The experience is interdisciplinary, covering science, the environment, geology, geography, history, politics, and culture.  It’s a fantastic lesson for groups from near and far interested in learning about one of the most endangered landscapes in the world.  Give us a call to discuss which options will work best for your group.


Kayak tour
Motorboat tour
Crawfish/Shrimp Boil/Oysters (Dependent on Season)
Overview Education/Discussion
Specific Educational Activities tailored to the group’s level and needs

Subjects Covered

Human and natural factors contributing to Louisiana Land Loss
Science and politics of coastal restoration
Culture and communities of Coastal Louisiana
Wetlands habitat and wildlife
Formation of Deltas
Global Warming Adaptation