Don’t Count on GOP Tree Farms to Save Us from Climate Disaster

drowning louisiana coast

An oil facility stands past dead trees on Isle de Jean Charles. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)08

Remember low-tar cigarettes?

In the 1960s and ’70s politicians from North Carolina and Kentucky were helping one of their most prominent industries fight an overwhelming tide of science and evidence proving the products they produced were spreading poisons and killing people. It was the tobacco industry.

As the links between smoking and cancer became clearer, the industry’s supporters first tried destroying the credibility of the science and the scientists. Then they suggested there were still too many variables to say smoking caused all those cancers. When that didn’t work, they tried showing how they could lessen the cancer risk by producing tobacco that had less of the tars led to the cancer: low-tar cigarettes.

 Nothing changed the rate of cancer among smokers — even low tar cigarettes.

Eventually, science and facts won — and those tobacco producing states moved on to other industries.

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