Why Does the GOP Think Your Life is Worth Less Now Than Under Obama?

Why Does the GOP Think Your Life is Worth Less Now Than Under Obama?

The Dave Johnson coal-fired power plant in Glenrock, Wyo. (AP Photo/J. David Ake, File)

Imagine this. After X-rays showed a suspicious mass in your chest your doctor ordered a series of biopsies to determine if you had cancer. The results confirmed his initial fears: You had a malignant form of cancer and need an immediate, and expensive, chemotherapy treatment.

But on your follow-up visit, the same doctor tells you not to worry. Your insurance company had ordered him to stop using X-rays and biopsies for prognosis and switch to a system of “visual body scans.”

His new diagnosis: You are cancer free!

Sound impossible? Could never happen? Your elected officials – especially your congressmen – would never let this stand?

Well, imagine this:

For several decades the air, water and food you consume has been getting cleaner and healthier because federal agencies have been using scientific models to limit the amount of pollution in your environment. Studies have shown those new regulations have reduced premature deaths by the tens of thousands, allowed more pregnancies to come to healthy conclusions and extended the life spans of your children.

Additionally, for the last 10 years many of those agencies have been using the latest climate models as well as real-time measurements to show the carbon emissions from fossil fuels are leading to rising seas, more intense storms and fires and drought.

But wait . . .

President Donald Trump has now ordered those agencies to use different models that show less danger to your health from all those pollutants, so regulations can be rolled back.

Meanwhile his chief of the nation’s climate research agency has proposed stopping projections of warming at 40 years into the future rather than the end of the century – the point at which most models show the worst impacts will begin to accelerate.

No, this isn’t some far-fetched Orwellian nightmare. It’s actually happening.

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