What If President Trump Had Picked All the Referees for the Saints-Rams Game?

President Donald Trump

President Donald Trump at the White House. AP Photo

This just in: In a blockbuster investigative series The Times-Picayune reported the officiating crew at the Saints-Rams playoff game were former Rams players.

OK, I want you to hold the outrage that mythical news incited and transfer it to this real news: The heads of the federal agencies created to protect you from financial, medical, educational, pharmaceutical and environmental harm are former members of the industries they are supposed to be policing.

This isn’t the script for a movie about some dystopian future. It’s a fact.

Donald Trump, the president who told you he was going to “drain the swamp” of political and lobbying influence in Washington, has done just the opposite. He has staffed his Cabinet with former lobbyists and executives from the industries who have been the largest, meanest, biggest-spending gators in that swamp for years.

For the past two years Trump and your GOP delegation have been rolling back regulations protecting you from, among other things, industrial pollution that can kill your children, confusing financial practices that can drain your savings, educational schemes that can steal your children’s futures – not to mention the emissions controls that are essential to saving the bottom third of Louisiana from being drowned by the rising Gulf of Mexico. Their game plan has included installing agency heads who have worked to protect those industry profits over your health.

By now some of you are yelling “just more screaming from a liberal Democrat.” (Full disclosure: I am not now, nor have I ever been, a member of the Democratic Party. But, yes, I am screaming.)

So here are the very shocking facts about some of the heads of your agencies.

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