GOP Pols Enable Trump on Environmental Rollbacks, and Like Cohen Will Have to Answer For That

GOP pols enable Trump on enviromental rollbacks, and like Cohen will have to answer for that

President Donald Trump at the White House. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci) (The Associated Press)

What does the GOP congressional delegation (especially the one from Louisiana) have in common with Michael Cohen, President Donald Trump’s disgraced lawyer/grifter sentenced to prison last week?

A lot, when it comes to Trump’s assault on our environmental protections.

At the sentencing for his guilty plea Cohen explained how he had given himself over to the “path of darkness” — to do what he knew was wrong — in his drive to protect and cover up Trump’s “dirty deeds.” He apologized to the court for lying to the FBI about those actions, the crime for which he pleaded guilty.

He also apologized to the nation for the harm he has done by abetting Trump’s scheming and deceptions. Of course, all of this was done for money – for him, and for Trump.

Reading Cohen’s statement, it was hard not to imagine current GOP members of Congress making similar excuses when they are called by history to account for their enthusiastic enabling of Trump’s war on our environmental protections — the rules and laws that for decades have protected the health of you and your children, fish and wildlife and even industry.

And worse, they have joined Trump in his refusal to take action on the greatest threat ever to our health, economy — and for Louisiana — even a place to live: Climate change.

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