Louisiana Leaders Can’t Keep Ignoring the Threat from Global Warming

Louisiana leaders can’t keep ignoring the threat from global warming

By Kenneth Harrison (NOLA.com)

Ever since Black Friday I haven’t been able to get the term “political malfeasance” out of my mind. No, it has nothing to do with the annual bout of combat shopping that takes place the day after Thanksgiving.

It’s something much more important – and depressing.

On Black Friday the Trump administration warned Americans – and even singled out those living in Louisiana – that they are barreling toward a disaster that will make their costs of living skyrocket, their health plummet and their quality of life erode.

Those consequences are not futuristic but happening now and will be accelerating over the next few decades because the primary cause – global warming and sea level rise pushed by carbon emissions – is not being addressed.

Yet the people representing Louisiana in Congress have largely chosen not to share these warnings with their constituents.

The dire news was contained in the National Climate Assessment, which the president chose to release on Black Friday. Compiled by hundreds of scientists at 13 federal agencies, this is a measurement of the current impacts of climate change as well as the latest predictions of what we can reasonably expect to happen in the future. A law, the Global Change Research Act of 1990, mandates its update and release to the public at least every four years.

But as of Thursday the websites of House members and senators oath-bound to protect this region turned up not a mention of this impending disaster. Not a single word. This includes the Republicans, Sens. Bill Cassidy and John Kennedy and House members Garret Graves, Steve Scalise and Clay Higgins, as well as our lone Democrat, Rep. Cedric Richmond.

Indeed, none of the websites of these men sworn to protect us even includes “environment” as one of their major issues or priorities. Some list coastal restoration and most have flood protection, but none has a heading for the concern of “Environment.” Higgins comes closest, but with this very odd pairing: Energy & Environment.

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