Who Would Risk People’s Lives So Businesses Can Make a Few Extra Dollars? | The Times-Picayune

risk peoples lives

The U.S. Capitol. (Photo by David Ake, Associated Press)

The question for this week: What kind of person wants to change laws and regulations so your children are exposed to eating, drinking and breathing more poisons? What kind of person thinks you support the idea of gambling on shorter, more pain-filled lives for your children if it means slightly higher profits for some businesses?

The answers: Steve Scalise, Garret Graves, Clay Higgins, Mike Johnson, Ralph Abraham, John Kennedy and Bill Cassidy — Louisiana’s entire GOP congressional delegation.

That’s the message from their steady support for the attack on environmental regulations unleashed by President Donald Trump since he took office.

Most of these protections being targeted have been in place for decades, many passed with bipartisan support. And businesses have been complying as the nation’s economy — and stock markets — soared to record heights. Yet in each case Trump has said the rollbacks or repeals are needed because they cost businesses too much money.

In other words, the air you breathe has gotten too clean, the water too pure, the foods you eat too wholesome — and the cars you drive too fuel efficient and inexpensive to run.

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